Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to Add a Potting Bench to a Yard

For a gardener, nothing is more satisfying then heading outdoors to pot up seedlings; a potting bench makes this easy. The main feature is the worktable, while lower shelves hold supplies like potting soil, pots and miscellaneous tools. The best work centers are designed around the needs of those who use it.

Walk around your entire yard considering possible locations for your potting bench. Obvious spots are exterior walls of the house, shed, garage or fence. Access to a hose, as well as the shed or garage where tools and supplies are stored, offers additional convenience.

Decide whether to buy a prebuilt bench, to assemble one from the variety of kits available, or to design and build your own. Use materials that coordinate with or complement your deck or fence.

Enhance the usefulness of your potting bench by adding a sink and faucet; bins or storage containers for potting soil and fertilizers; racks for pots; hooks for hanging tools; shelves for small pots and bottles. If possible, allow space to store a garden cart, a bin of potting soil, and trash and composts barrels.

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